Citywide ATM



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4" LTE Magnetic Antenna Image

4" LTE Magnetic Antenna
Delivers quality and reliability as the Increase your signal strength and i

Phone Coupler Image

Phone Coupler
Use couplers to connect two phone wires together to extend length.

Patch Cord Image

Patch Cord
Used to connect to internet, modems, routers and Patch-5 wall jacks.

6' Extension Cord Image

6' Extension Cord
Color White.

9' Extension Cord Image

9' Extension Cord
Color White.

6-plug Power Strip Image

6-plug Power Strip
Connect 6 devices into one electrical outlet.

3-plug Power Strip Image

3-plug Power Strip
Connect 3 devices into one electrical outlet.

8' Extension Cord Image

8' Extension Cord
Color Orange.

Grounding Adapter Image

Grounding Adapter
Designed to turn a two prong outlet into a three prong outlet.

5-port Phone Jack Adapter Image

5-port Phone Jack Adapter
Designed to plug 5 phones into one phone jack.

25' Phone Cord Image

25' Phone Cord
25' phone cord.

50' Phone Cord Image

50' Phone Cord
50' phone cord.

100' Phone Cord Image

100' Phone Cord
100' phone cord.

Reusable Screw Anchor Image

Reusable Screw Anchor
Heavy Duty Screw Anchor (20 per box)

14" Zip Ties Image

14" Zip Ties
14" Zip Ties

36" Zip Ties Image

36" Zip Ties
36" Zip Ties

48" Zip Ties Image

48" Zip Ties
48" Zip Ties