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Citywide ATM - Providers of goods and support services for the ATM machine business.

Citywide ATM offers a wide variety of goods and services including;

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ATM Braille Sticker or Braille Decal Examples
Why braille stickers or braille decals for your ATM? They are required to maintain ADA compliance standards - see ADA Compliance.

COMING SOON! Mini Bank 1000 ADA upgrade kits.
Due to ADA requirements, the Mini Bank ATMs must be retrofitted with the soon-to-arrive upgrade kit that provides the audio functionality required by the ADA Compliance regulations. Watch for it here.

Credit Card Processing
Regardless of your individual ATM needs, Citywide ATM has a solution that's priced not only to be affordable, but unbeatable.

ATM Processing
Our customers receive 100% of their ATM processing surcharge income without the miscellaneous deductions other ATM companies charge. We offer complete ATM network coverage, from VISA and MasterCard, to the Star and Cirrus networks.

ATM Partnerships
Citywide ATM will install an ATM free of charge at your qualified location, and our certified technicians will teach you how to operate it. The day we install the machine, we'll also give you neon and sticker signage for your location. We are responsible for all of the ATM's maintenance.

ATM Lease
Leasing an ATM is almost the same as buying an ATM; the only difference is that instead of paying for the machine all at once, you make monthly payments. At the end of your lease, you have the option of buying your ATM for as little as $100.

ATM Distributorships
A lucrative business opportunity awaits you in the ATM industry! Choose the plan that best fits your business and individual objectives.

Free ATM Placements
This option is considered the easiest and, in most cases, the most profitable for an owner that does not frequent his establishment often. Large restaurants, convenience stores, and hotel chains usually fall into this category.

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